Life can be an unpredictable thing for everybody!

You may live with a beautiful wife, have kids and a stable job and have no surprises and spontaneity, but one day changes everything.

The same story occurred with me. I was happily married for 10 years and I didn’t notice any troubles or serious misunderstandings when one day I woke up and didn’t find my wife and kids. I called her but she didn’t reply after a week of constant calls I received one short message: “I am tired of everything. Sorry, don’t call me anymore”.

That was the end of my “happy” marriage and I didn’t find any explanations. After such a situation, I had no relations for several years, but when I found out about my ex-wife’s wedding, I understood that it wasn’t my fault. I was too idealistic and couldn’t believe that my wife was unfaithful to me during all these years.

I signed up on several dating websites and started a new page of my life. Lots of women supported me and I found some good friends, but couldn’t start real meaningful relations, despite a huge variability of women.

Only helped me with this problem, there are registered only women with a strong desire to find long-term relations otherwise they won’t get an access to this platform. A huge number of motivated Slavic girls just impressed me. All of them were so charming and tender that it was a huge difficulty of finding only one candidate.

However, I found her. Kira was just gorgeous lady with all the character traits I was looking for.

After such a painful break up, I became so jealous. I tried to control Kira so much and I didn’t even notice this. Even during our chats, I tried to find out everything about her day, with whom she chatted and way more. I was more interested into her friends and especially ex-boyfriends and the reasons of her break ups than of her personality.

Luckily, Kira explained me this in her womanish manner without any aggression. I tried to change myself, tried to believe this tender woman but couldn’t. Only after several real meeting, I believed in the reality of her emotions and feeling towards me.

Right now, we are at a stage of wedding planning, hope my suspiciousness won’t spoil everything.

So, guys if you are in the same situation as I was, try to find a way out. For me this way out was online dating that leaded to serious relations. Maybe for you, it is something different… try to search for the meaning of your life and everything will change for the better.