Everything occurs for a reason (my personal love story)…

I decided to share my personal love story, which became possible only due to a dating resource. For the shortest possible time period I met my love and got married with her. So, if you want to get some personal details about my story, then just go on reading and you will be aware of everything you need.

Before the registration on find-bride-review, I read lots of these love stories to get some prove of the possibility of online acquaintance and meaningful relations. That’s why, I am writing this review for other users who are in the same situation as I was several months ago. Hope, this info will be helpful to all who are reading it right now.

So, I reviewed several dating platforms and stopped on find-bride-review, didn’t remember the reason why I had chosen this website. I truly believe that every person should search for the resource, which will suit all the personal requirements. After my registration, I filled in my profile with all the info and added three photos. I am a guy who is over forty that’s why I wasn’t searching for young girls.

After I added some info to my profile, several women contacted me and all of them were in their twenties. I didn’t expected such an activeness from young ladies. So, I started chatting with them, but at the same time I searched for my ideal. I had several criteria for a perfect partner and I was looking for them in every user. Of course, not all of my requirements are immediately noticeable though the profile or couple of messages. I was really serious in my intentions and due to this I found my beloved person so quickly.

In a month or even less, I met Arina. She was just my type judging on her appearance, character trades and life plans. So, I made up my mind not to waste lots of time for chatting and met her in reality. Of course, Arina wasn’t prepared for such a quick meeting, but she agreed.

I planned a perfect date, booked a hotel for three days in Kyiv, bought tickets and everything was ready for my arrival. At the last minute, my love sent me a message that she needed to have a business trip, she had lots of troubles with her job, and we couldn’t meet at that time. I thought it was a joke, cause I spent lots of time on my preparations and finding the right date and other sort of things.

We continued our communication and I didn’t make any planning any more. Just answered her messages and if she didn’t write I also kept silent. At one point, she became rather active and said that she also liked me but that was not the best time for our meeting. I asked her when she thought was the right moment. And this topic grew in a huge discussion and even quarrels.

To cut a long story short, we met each other and then everything went so quickly. I met her parents, we planned the date of wedding, discussed all the details connected with our life together (don’t forget that we were from different countries) and all the other sort of thing. And now, when I am writing this, I understand how quickly everything started and I was just impatient and rude to her emotions and desires at that time.