I am rather experienced user of various online dating resources, I signed up on three websites prior registration on find-bride-review. Judging on my experience in this field, I can say that all the websites are the same, maybe there is a little price difference and the ladies from another country but generally the structure is the same. For instance, women who are registered on find-bride-review are mainly from Russia and Ukraine. And I don’t know why but I found my love on this dating site. Personally, I think that it is simply a coincidence, but maybe not.

As usual, I started my day by checking all the social networking platforms, which I used. A new woman had contacted me on I opened her profile and she interested me with her creativity. I answered her message and we began our communication. Her passion was noticed in every letter. I was shocked why such pretty and clever woman is still alone and I asked her about this. The explanation was rather unpredictable, she said that Ukrainian men are too masculinum and they didn’t respect women’s personality. I don’t know these cultural differences, so maybe she is right or maybe it’s her subjective point of view.

Oh I forget to mention her name, so we communicated with Vika for 4 months. Every day we were chatting and finding our more and more personal information about each other. We became really close people and supported each other in every difficult situation. This online dating is almost like a real life, we quarreled about some controversial things, discussed everything important and much more.

The thing that bothered us the most was our real date. I didn’t have any opportunity to visit Kyiv for the next half of the year, because of my instance work schedule. Vika had the same troubles, but also she should make a visa and it was also problematic. We decided to wait, though both felt frustrated and desperately wanted this date. I thought that we had such a strong desire only because something prevented us from this act.

Luckily, I had a business trip to Europe four months later and I visited Ukraine. We were the happiest people in the world. We spent so much time together, we met and our online relations became real. We were together and nothing could prevent as from being together. Maybe I am too romantic, but love changes people. And such emotions were unfamiliar for me at first. After this short meeting, we changed our priorities.

And now we don’t know where to live because Viktoria said she would live whenever I want and I thought the same. We are discussing this important topic, how to make our live comfortable for both of us.

I don’t want to bother all of the readers with unnecessary details of our private life. The only thing, that I want to say is don’t hesitate. You have lots of opportunities to find your family happiness, be more active and thoughtful in your acts and you will get everything you need. Good luck to those who are still searching for their love in this world!