Privacy policy

After visiting any website, you are sharing your personal information with the site’s administration. So, it is better that every user read site’s privacy policy before signing up and be aware of the major things in the privacy policy.

The first question, which users have in their mind while thinking of the privacy policy is: what info am I sharing during the site’s usage?
There is no such information, which is shared without your participation. Everything that you fill in, in terms of your personal information may be used. The only thing that you might not know about is every site’s visitor shares ID address with any website automatically. Most of the advanced internet users are aware of this thing and have no troubles; though if you didn’t known about this fact, you should understand it relates to all the websites not only find-bride. Don’t be afraid, because such data is only used for the internal site’s administrating and won’t be shared.
During your registration, you should leave such info as: your valid email, address, name and date of birth. Also, you can add additional contact information, but only if you want to.
Remember that you are also sharing your personal data with the other site’s member through your profile. Of course, it is visible only for the accounts’ members, but it won’t be shared anywhere else. It is guaranteed by the find-bride’s administration.

What for such kind of info is collected?
The main reason for this is mail notification and direct contacting with the registered members. Most of the users agree on receiving mails about some site’s changes, events, innovation and advertisements. If you are against this, you may easily switch off this option. Just contact a support service and you will be unsubscribed.
In case of any sort of emergency, site’s experts can directly contact you via your private email, phone number or other source which you left in the account.

Are there some type of restrictions?
Of course, if you are younger than 18, then you cannot use this dating resource for communication.

Can a user change his/her personal info?
Yes, every registered member can make any kind of changes and modification of the personal data. However, if you want to delete something, you can do it only with the support team assistance.

What are guarantees in terms of payment transactions?
The security of your transactions are guaranteed by If you still need any sort of assistance or additional information, you can easily contact the support team and get all the answers, which you need.